Save $689 a year on electricity by following these 10 tips

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By Arthur Murray June 10th, 2018
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Choosing a cheaper electricity supply plan from a competitive retail provider isn’t the only way to save on how much you pay for electricity. Changing a few common habits also can result in savings. Bulk up your wallet by following these 10 tips, which we’ll expand upon in this post:

  1. Wash with cold water: Save $214 a year
  2. Clean your dryer lint trap: $25 a year
  3. Unlayer your clothing: See No. 4
  4. Adjust your thermostat: $120 a year
  5. Eliminate drafts at doors and windows: Varies by home
  6. Turn the water heater down: $45 a year
  7. Switch light bulbs: $100 a year (average over a 10-year period)
  8. Add ceiling insulation: $125 a year
  9. Maintain your refrigerator: $60 a year
  10. Unplug electronics: $100 a year

Total annual savings: at least $689

The breakdown on savings

  • The Cold Truth. Washing (and rinsing) your clothes mostly using cold water can save $214 a year compared with washing with hot water and rinsing with warm, according to The Christian Science Monitor.

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