New York City Philadelphia Washington, DC Williamsburg Virginia Beach New York City to Philadelphia 95 miles2hours493EV chargingstations New York City CENTRAL PARK10 EV charging stations nearbyCheck out the famous Central Park in the heart of New York City. Visit Central Park’s historic Belvedere Castle, pay tribute to the Beatles’ John Lennon at the Strawberry Fields memorial and marvel at the exotic animals in the famed Central Park Zoo.THE HIGH LINE 6 EV charging stations nearbyOnce a part of New York City’s railroad line, the High Line is now a free public park and greenway that stretches 1.45 miles. Visitors and locals alike can stroll through the 500+ species of plants and trees while enjoying world-class art installations and performances.NEW YORK BOTANICAL GARDEN 4 EV charging stations nearbySpend a few hours meandering through the largest botanical garden in the United States. Featuring 250 acres of unique flora and fauna, the New York Botanical Garden has plenty of activities the whole family can enjoy.Check out our New York page. Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. 150 miles3hours498EV chargingstations Philadelphia BALD EAGLE STATE PARK 9 EV charging stations nearbyThis 5,900-acre nature preserve is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. At Bald Eagle State Park, visitors can enjoy a range of activities, including hiking, swimming, horseback riding and more. Because what’s more patriotic than spending the day at a park named after our national bird?THE FRANKLIN INSTITUTE 5 EV charging stations nearbyOne of the oldest museums in the country, the Franklin Institute is the premier destination for science lovers. Named after “America’s first scientist,” the museum features dozens of fun and educational attractions, including a planetarium and flight simulator.GETTYSBURG NATIONAL MILITARY PARK5 EV charging stations nearbyLearn about the battle that inspired President Abraham Lincoln’s famous address at Gettysburg National Military Park. Tour the grounds and catch one of the park’s exciting living history demonstrations, complete with bayonets and cannon fire.Check out our Pennsylvania page. Washington, D.C. to Williamsburg 170 miles4hours269EV chargingstations SMITHSONIAN NATIONAL AIR & SPACE MUSEUM6 EV charging stations nearbyTravel to infinity and beyond at D.C.’s Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. In addition to live science demonstrations and virtual reality simulators, visits can marvel at the Spirit of St. Louis, the airplane piloted by Charles Lindbergh on his famed solo nonstop transatlantic flight.NATIONAL ARBORETUM 6 EV charging stations nearbyFrolic through fields of fragrant flowers at the acclaimed National Arboretum. Established by an Act of Congress, the National Arboretum stretches for 446 acres and is responsible for the hybridization and development of over 650 plant species found across the country.TOUR OF NATIONAL MALL & MONUMENTS 10 EV charging stations nearbyThe National Mall at the center of D.C. spans 1,000 acres from the United States Capitol to the Potomac River. Take a walking tour of the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and many other famous landmarks. Washington, D.C. Williamsburg to Virginia Beach 60 miles1:15hours88EV chargingstations COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG 6 EV charging stations nearbyColonial Williamsburg is a living history museum where visitors can interact with historical figures and learn about a time when horse-drawn carriages were the only vehicles around. Go hands-on in the colonial garden or take a walking tour of the town to stretch your legs.MILL FARM CHRISTMAS TREES AND BERRIES 2 EV charging stations nearbyTake a break from the history at the Mill Farm, where local, farm-fresh produce is the norm. Pick your own berries—strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries—throughout the spring and summer and support a Williamsburg tradition.HISTORIC JAMESTOWN BIKE TRAIL 3 EV charging stations nearbyWalk or ride around Jamestown Island, a former government seat turned plantation land. Cleared for farming in the early 1800s, the forest is now regenerating amongst surrounding marshlands and wildlife habitats. Williamsburg Trip Total 475 miles10:15hours1,348EV chargingstations THE VIRGINIA AQUARIUM AND MARINE SCIENCE CENTER 7 EV charging stations nearbyThe Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center is home to over 300 species of animals. Learn about the oceans and climate with daily movies and go ziplining in their Adventure Park.MOUNT TRASHMORE PARK 3 EV charging stations nearbyThe 165-acre Mount Trashmore Park is a landfill turned greenspace with lakes, playgrounds, trails, a skatepark, and more. Leave the sports equipment at home and rent badminton, corn hole, horseshoes, frisbees, volleyballs, and more for free on site.VIRGINIA BEACH BEACHES 7 EV charging stations nearbyTake advantage of Virginia Beach’s namesake: the beach! Head to Sandbridge for kayaking and fishing, stroll down the boardwalk at the Oceanfront, or go for swimming and sandcastles in the Chesapeake Bay. Find more info here. Virginia Beach Electric Vehicle ROAD TRIP New York to Virginia Beach Along with apple pie and 4th of July fireworks, summer road trips are a quintessential part of American life. And now, thanks to their growing popularity and affordability, electric vehicles make road tripping with family and friends easier and more energy efficient. There are more than 21,000 electric vehicle charging stations across the U.S., with more popping up every day. Plus, most EVs on the market today have an average range of about 200 miles per charge, which means you can forgo frequent service station stops and spend more time enjoying the ride.This summer, hit the open road for an eco-friendly trip with a patriotic twist. Our Choose Energy Electric Vehicle Road Trip Guide starts in the Big Apple and ends in Virginia Beach, taking you on a tour of various landmarks along the East Coast so you can explore America’s past, present and future.
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