10 ways to keep your dog cool without burning your budget

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Pack up your parkas and break out your bathing suits because warmer weather is finally here! Finding ways to save money on your energy bills is trickier in the spring and summer, when all we want to do is blast the A/C and run the ceiling fan while we’re home.

But what about when we’re not home? They’re called the “dog days of summer” for a reason! Remember, your fur-ever friend is stuck inside while you’re on vacation or at work, so it’s important that they’re comfortable, too.

Luckily, keeping your pup cool won’t cost you extra on your monthly energy bills – as long as you follow these simple tips:

1. Be mindful of your dog’s ‘do

A thick coat is your furry friend’s best defense against the cold, but what happens when warm weather rolls around? For single-coated breeds like poodles, terriers and doodle-mixes, a short haircut or shave could help them beat the summer heat. But be careful: double-coated breeds like Australian shepherds and huskies actually need their long fur to keep cool and avoid sunburn.

2. Turn off your ceiling fan

While a [counter-clockwise rotating] ceiling fan provides a cool indoor breeze for humans, your friend’s fur keeps him from feeling such light wafts. Therefore, there’s no need to waste energy by running your fan all day – your pup won’t notice the difference, we promise.

4. Cool your pup from the paws, up

If your dog looks like he’s suffering from the heat, cool him off quickly by spraying water on his paws and belly. A cool towel won’t do much where there’s lots of fur, so set it down for him to lie on instead of draping it over his back.

6. Check your doggy door for air leaks.

Doggy doors are great for homes with enclosed backyards, but people often don’t realize that precious A/C they’re paying for is following Fido outside. If you’re in the market for a pet door, consider this energy efficient design. If you’re looking for a cheaper fix, try adding weather stripping and magnets to keep the door from blowing open with the breeze – this upgrade alone could save you upwards of $7 per month on your energy bill.

8. Shut off your electronics.

I know what you’re thinking: “my dog gets bored home alone all day” or, “he likes to watch Animal Planet while I’m gone”; many people think leaving the TV on for their dog provides them entertainment, but it can really be a waste of electricity – and money. Plus, TVs and radios can disturb your puppy’s much-needed naptime, so let him amuse himself with a chew toy or bully stick instead.

10. Plan outdoor playtime for the morning or evening

When the mercury rises, mid-day playtime can become unbearable for you and your pup. To exercise your dog without the fear of heat-exhaustion, schedule longer bouts of outdoor play in the morning and evening hours; the temperature will be moderately cooler and there will still be enough light to enjoy a good game of fetch.

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