Connecticut: Have You Taken Control of Your Rising Electricity Rate?

Choose EnergyEnergy NewsConnecticut: Have You Taken Control of Your Rising Electricity Rate?

How Connecticut Consumers Can the Default Increases on Their Energy Bills

Unfortunately, rate increases are a fact of life. They happen whether we want them to or not—sometimes unavoidably, and sometimes arbitrarily.

Connecticut residents are seeing their generation service rates jump nearly 2 cents per kilowatt/hour in some cases. Connecticut Light & Power’s rates have gone from 7.6 cents per kwh to 9.2, while United Illuminating has gone from 7.7 to 9. This is a 20% increase in your energy bill, which is frankly a rough way to start out the new year!

Now, in a lot of ways, this sort of thing is unavoidable. As many of you—especially those of you living in the Northeast—may be painfully aware, we have a little season called winter. So far it has proven to be a very harsh winter this year and we are just half way through the season. In Connecticut, as in other Northeastern states, the majority of residents use natural gas to heat their homes. Unfortunately, many of Connecticut’s power plants also run on natural gas.

The state doesn’t produce any natural gas itself, and without that homegrown source, it must import a specific amount of natural gas everyday. With demand in the dead of winter so high, electric providers have been forced to shut down their natural gas-fired plants and reopen less efficient, more expensive coal and oil-fired plants. And that drives the recent price increases in your energy bill.

Usually, coal and oil-fired plants combine to produce around 2 percent of Connecticut’s electricity. As of mid-December, coal-fired plants were producing 14 percent and oil-fired plants 8 percent respectively. Since those fuels are more expensive and those plants are harder to operate, the providers passed the costs on to consumers.

It’s time to take action and control your rising energy bill. Even in these situations consumers have a choice, thanks to Choose Energy. Choose Energy is an online energy marketplace that provides you a hassle free, safe and trust worthy experience to shop and switch to an energy provider that will lower your monthly energy bill. Visit  Choose Energy to see reputable energy suppliers in your area, compare the energy plans they provide and switch to the ideal provider that fits your needs. In three easy steps, select the right plan and fix the rate you pay for your energy, with rates in Hartford as low as 8.39 cents and as high as 10.49 cents per kilowatt.

Exercising your ability to choose who to get your energy from this winter is the best way to control and potentially reduce the impact of the recent energy price hike. If you don’t, then essentially you are leaving a lot of money on the table. And frankly no one likes the cold feeling of wasting money in such a way. No matter how Groundhog Day turns out, you’d have the opportunity to face a winter that’s a lot less bleak if you consider your energy supplier today and ensure you’re getting a great deal. At Choose Energy, being the customer’s voice and advocate, honestly, is why we do what we do. Visit to learn more about energy choice and to shop for the best energy rates in Connecticut.