CT residents are ahead of the curve for energy shopping this winter, here’s why

We’ve seen a massive number of Connecticuters shopping around for electricity this month. Why? Here are two reasons that are contributing to these energy shoppers.

Rates are going up

CT electric rates will definitely increase in January so now is a good time to shop to minimize the impact of those rate spikes. The switching process can take anywhere from 30-60 days so switching now is a brilliant idea to make sure you aren’t surprised with a surplus bill in February.

Take this as a sign to shop around yourself. If thousands of residents and businesses in Connecticut are switching suppliers this month, it must be a good idea to at least compare your options.

Variable rates are no more

In case you missed it, Connecticut is the first state to ban variable rates, which could be a really great thing for you, even if you decide to renew with your current supplier. Check out our previous post on this news for the full details of what this means for you.

To date, more than 500,000 Connecticut households have taken advantage of energy choice by choosing who supplies their electricity. And with no more variable rates and pricing this winter skyrocketing, now is a good time to shop yourself.