Electricity bills in Connecticut to increase up to $20 on January 1

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If you live in the two largest utility zones in Connecticut, NSTAR (Eversource Energy), and United Illuminating, you are in for electricity rate changes beginning January 1 that may be worse than they sound.

In short, the rates are going up from 8.228 cents to 9.555 cents per kilowatt-hour in Eversource and from 9.1856 cents to 10.7973 cents per kilowatt-hour in United Illuminating. While increasing just a cent or two may not sound like much, you were also using much less energy in the crisp autumn season. As the winter temps drop, the amount of energy it takes to keep your home comfy increases. Now, with the increased rate and your increased consumption, you’ll feel the hit more than expected.

But there is good news for those of you who still have nightmares about last year’s energy bills. The rates are going up, yes, but not as much as last year. Last year’s electricity rates increased from fall rates of 9.99 cents per kilowatt-hour to winter rates of 12.629 cents in the Eversource utility zone and from 8.666 cents in the fall to 13.311 cents per kilowatt-hour for the United Illuminating winter rate. And we all know our consumption did too, due to the bitter cold snow storms.

Shop around for your electricity anyway

Just because bills won’t be as bad as last year, and you can’t get tricked into a variable rate plan anymore, you still have the power to choose your energy supplier and save $10-$20 a month after the holidays this year.

Last year, some of our customers saved up to $50 (just in the month of January) compared to the default electricity rates from Eversource and United Illuminating.

Shop around, find the rates you might be able to lock in for a year or so, and compare them to the rate you’re currently paying. If it’s less, it’s worth the 5 minutes you spent investigating.

Not seeing the rate you want? You can also shop around for solar energy options as well. You’ll save money on your monthly electricity bills and go green at the same time.

When the whole process can be done online in less than 5 minutes and there’s no fine print to weed through, it’s an easy decision to make.