Illinois Energy Deregulation

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Energy in Illinois

Competitive energy supply has saved Illinois $37,000,000,000 in energy expenses since 1998, a new study finds. The study was conducted by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Illinois Manufacturer’s Association, Illinois Retail Merchants Association and Illinois Business Roundtable.

Of that $37 Billion saved, the study shows it was roughly split between residential ($18B) and non-residential ($19B). Non-residential is comprised on industrial, commercial, and non-profit energy consumers. Here’s  a graph that breaks down the split in a visual context.

The Changes Over the Years

Overall Impact

For businesses, energy deregulation has meant big savings to the bottom line for years, totally $19 Billion. For residential, the savings also play a huge impact on the household bottom line. In fact, Illinois households have saved $3,600 since 1998 on energy, and will continue to do, at a savings of ~$240 per year.

How You Can Save More

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