Pennsylvania Power Rates to Increase

The Choose Energy Team
By The Choose Energy Team November 19th, 2015
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Upcoming Pennsylvania Power Increase

The Pennsylvania Price To Compare (which is the default utility rate) recently came out and several areas of Pennsylvania will see substantial rate increases. Read below to see how you will be affected by a Pennsylvania power increase.

Met Ed

Metropolitan Edison serves over 500,000 PA residents across the southern portion of the state. The default rate (which is the rate you’ll pay if you do nothing) is jumping 25% from 7.77 c/kWh to 9.753 c/kWh. This increase will begin June 1st.

Choose Energy currently has 17 plans, from reputable suppliers,  available throughout the Met Ed territory that cost less per kilowatt hour than the upcoming rate hike.


Pennsylvania Electricity Company (Penelec) is a utility owned by FirstEnergy which operates in Northern and Central Pennsylvania. The rate will jump 20% this June, from 7.734 c/kWh to 9.284.

Penn Power

Penn Power, the utility serving the Pittsburgh area, will be seeing a rate increase over 30% this June. The default rate is jumping from 6.181 c/kWh to 8.094 c/kWh.

Choose Energy has 6 plans that cost less per kilowatt hour than this upcoming rate increase.

West Penn Power

West Penn Power, a utility serving 12 counties throughout Western Pennsylvania is about see a 50% price jump. Prices will increase on June 1st, from 4.961 c/kWh to 7.514 c/kWh.

Choose Energy currently has 1 fixed rate plan costing less than this upcoming rate change.

There’s something you can do.

By shopping around for cheaper electricity rates, you can avoid paying substantially higher utility rates and save significantly on this Pennsylvania power increase. Choose Energy offers dozens of energy plans throughout Pennsylvania and by visiting our site, you can see the rate that best fits your needs today!

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