Are you ready for a 3 month Texas heatwave?

Choose EnergyEnergy TipsAre you ready for a 3 month Texas heatwave?

Sorry Texans, it’s going to continue to be a hot summer with very little break from the heat in sight.

Texas weather july-sept 2016
Source: The Weather Channel

Just how crazy is it already?

With nearly two dozen heat-related incidents having been recorded before Monday’s official start to summer, the Salvation Army is opening 14 cooling stations across Dallas-Fort Worth.

The Orioles and Red Sox couldn’t even deal with the heat and had some of the worst games all season long.

There have been over a dozen heat related deaths from children being left alone in cars.

What does the Texas summer heat means for your electric bills?

If you are one of the thousands of Texans that work from home, are retired, or you are worried about leaving your pets alone in a hot house, you have every right to be concerned about your electric bill this summer.

Here’s a few tips on managing your electric bills this summer and beating the heat.

1. Use ceiling fans to reduce reliance on air conditioning.

“We highly recommend customers use ceiling fans, then turn up the thermostat 2 to 4 degrees,” said Femi Sonoiki, who’s a project engineer for AEP Energy, an independent power company that serves the Chicago area. Ceiling fans use less power than air conditioning window units, central AC or a central system’s vent fan, and the moving air cools us by evaporating the moisture from our skin.

“Ceiling fans can lower cooling costs by 14%,” said Kristinn Leonhart, a spokesperson with the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. But, she added, “remember to turn the ceiling fan off when you leave the room — ceiling fans cool people, not rooms.”

2. Shop around and consider switching your energy supplier.

Instead of dealing with the state run PUC consider another free option with Choose Energy. Simply enter your zip and compare rates from dozens of suppliers.

Checkout energy plans available to you and find a cheaper plan, green energy suppliers, or lock in a long-term rate.

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3. Replace your old incandescent light bulbs.

“Old incandescent bulbs make more heat than light,” said Leonhart. Energy Star-certified CFL or LED bulbs emit 70% to 90% less heat, use much less energy and also last a lot longer. When first introduced, they were more expensive, but low-priced LEDs are now widely available.
Dimmers are also helpful. They work with some energy-saving bulbs and all incandescent ones, letting you use only as much light as you need. On that tip, here’s an easy one: Don’t forget to switch off the lights when you leave a room.