Step by step guide to switching electricity & natural gas suppliers

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Take charge of your electric and natural gas bills. Residents and businesses across several states can switch electric & natural gas suppliers to gain greater control over your electricity and natural gas bills. You can switch to the supplier who offers the lowest price, or choose a supplier who provides a specific service you want, such as solar, or renewable energy plans.

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Compare Energy Supplier Rates


1. Enter your zip code to compare supplier rates vs the “price to compare.” Each plan will give you estimated savings based off of what kwh you are currently paying.

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2. Narrow your search for a supplier by choosing the services and features that matter most.

  • Filter by fixed or variable term
  • Choose your term length
  • Find suppliers who offer discounts and incentives
  • Compare green energy options
  • Review each supplier’s terms & conditions before you make a selection


3. Select & Sign UpYour new supplier will notify your electric utility of the change. The electric utility will then contact you by mail to confirm the change.

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Why Switch?

When you choose a new electric supplier, you are choosing the company that generates your electricity. Generation supply costs make up the majority of the average electric bill, so you may be able to find significant savings.

You have the power to choose your electric supplier – the company that generates your electricity. This is just one part of the three parts of your electric service:

  1. Generation: The production of electricity.
  2. Transmission: The movement of electricity from where it is generated to the point of distribution.
  3. Distribution: The delivery of electricity to your home or business.


Remember, regardless of who generates your electricity, you will continue to call your electric utility for outages, emergency services and questions about your residential service. The quality, reliability, and maintenance of your electric service should not change as it is still monitored by the PUC.

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