Brownsville, Texas Ranks High on Green Energy Shoppers List

Choose EnergyRenewable EnergyBrownsville, Texas Ranks High on Green Energy Shoppers List

While it may be expected that Texas has many communities that value going green because of the abundant wind power in the state, you might be surprised to know that most of the Texas communities that ranked the highest on our Greenest Energy Shoppers list were the smaller metro areas.

Choose Energy customers in Brownsville, Texas (also Harlingen) chose green energy plans 65 percent of the time, making them third on our list.

With three LEED-certified buildings (Brownsville Toyota, Brownsville Elementary School,University of Texas Brownsville Biomedical Sciences and Health Professions Building), the community celebrates it’s location as a contributor to the green initiatives, being so close to the Gulf of Mexico.

Brownsville Public Utilities Board has a great GreenLiving program that encourages residents to take up habits that are good for our environment, but often times, these habits are good for residents’ wallets too! They also have solar and wind at the PUB’s offices with a dashboard so citizens can track how much energy is being output by those resources. It’s a great way to teach the community about the value of these power sources. In addition, BPUB offers it’s customers a really cool home energy calculator!

And if you’re still itching for some Earth Day celebrations, you can visit the Gladys Porter Zoo for Party for the Planet Saturday, April 25.

Photo Source: Me and the Sysop