Laredo, Texas On Greenest Energy Shoppers List

Choose EnergyRenewable EnergyLaredo, Texas On Greenest Energy Shoppers List

Residents and businesses of Laredo Texas who shopped with Choose Energy chose green energy plans 55 percent of the time. While it may not sound significant, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the national average is about 2 percent.

With 32 percent of it’s population employed in the Trade, Transportation and Utilities sector and an additional 5 percent in the Mining and Construction industries, it’s easy to see why energy is important to Laredo residents.

Like the rest of the state, it’s no surprise that Laredo is on our Greenest Energy Shoppers list. Why? Because Texans value local energy, and Texas is the country’s largest wind energy producer in the country. So Texans choose green energy, which often times is cost competitive with conventional energy plans.

Laredo is also home to a few LEED-Certified buildings including Holt Cat Laredo, a construction equipment supplier.

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Photo Source: WayMarking