Pittsburgh, PA Rounds Out Greenest Energy Shoppers List

Choose EnergyRenewable EnergyPittsburgh, PA Rounds Out Greenest Energy Shoppers List

With a huge city-wide Earth Day celebration, it’s clear that Pittsburgh, PA cares about going green!

Yep! You heard it correctly, Steel Country! In addition to more than 50 organizations working on environment improvement, Pittsburgh boasts quite a few Certified B Corporations including Seeds Printing, Rework, Evolve EA, Thread LLC, and AE Works, as well as tons of LEED-Certified buildings (making them eighth in the country for most LEED buildings).

To round out our Greenest Energy Shoppers list, Pittsburgh residents and businesses who shopped with us chose green energy plans 41 percent of the time compared to the national average of 2 percent, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. This means, Pittsburgh snags the tenth spot, but it is also the largest city on our list!

Way to go Pittsburgh!

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Photo Source: Tim Bechard from the Visit Pittsburgh Facebook Page