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Chula Vista energy deregulation

Due to the energy deregulation legislation in California, consumers in Chula Vista now have the opportunity to shop from multiple providers to determine who will supply their energy needs. Before deregulation legislature was passed, a single utility company was responsible for all aspects of providing energy from transmission to delivery to sales to payments.

After the late 1980s, natural gas energy in California became deregulated in order to give consumers options to choose from when using natural gas energy.

Chula Vista utility companies & energy providers

Prior to energy deregulation in Chula Vista, the local utility company was responsible for the transmission, delivery, sale and payment of energy. Since deregulation, the transmission and delivery of energy is still conducted by the utility; however, the sale and payment of energy can be provided by a variety of different companies from which consumers can choose.

San Diego Gas & Electric Co. is the primary utility service area for Chula Vista. In addition to providing energy to Chula Vista, San Diego Gas & Electric Co. serves all of San Diego county and much of southwestern California. In order to provide the best service possible, San Diego Gas & Electric Co. has partnered with many of the top energy providers in Chula Vista including Commerce Energy and XOOM Energy.

Chula Vista renewable energy

California ranks 2nd in electricity generated by renewable resources in the nation. With California striving to overtake Washington state for the no. 1 ranking, Chula Vista is leading the effort with many initiatives to become a 100 percent renewable energy city. According to the City of Chula Vista, the city is leading the region in the number of solar photovoltaic installations. Additionally, the city offers a number of incentives to customers who use renewable energy in the form of rebates and tax breaks. In order to provide the best source of renewable energy in Chula Vista, San Diego Gas & Electric Co. has partnered with Spark Energy to be the preferred green supplier in the city.

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