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Concord, California, is one of the largest and most popular cities in Northern California. The city's benefits include mild temperatures year-round, a robust shopping district, and close proximity to San Francisco and Oakland -- all of which has contributed to a population of 122,067 people. A city this large needs a steady supply of high-quality energy offered at affordable prices. Due to the deregulation of the natural gas industry, Concord residents now enjoy low energy rates.

Concord customers enjoy slightly lower prices during the fall and spring months, when moderate temperatures call for less energy use. However, since Concord's climate is fairly mild year-round, gas prices don't fluctuate as much here as in other areas of the country. Check out Concord energy rates to see what prices and options are currently available.

Concord energy deregulation

California deregulated the natural gas market in the 1980s. Deregulation means that residential and business customers in Concord and other California cities may choose between different suppliers of natural gas, all of whom set their own prices. Some natural gas companies must answer to the California Public Utilities Commission, which investigates complaints about unfair pricing schemes, while other companies are completely independent. The idea behind partial or complete deregulation is to lower energy rates through competition.

For consumers, the process of selecting a natural gas plan is similar to buying a new cell phone or any other product. Customers can compare the rates and services offered by different natural gas providers and choose the company and plan that best meets their needs.

Concord utility companies and energy providers

Deregulation changes the way natural gas service is delivered to customers' homes. When services were regulated, the same company produced, delivered, and sold natural gas. Now that services are deregulated, the utility company still produces natural gas. However, many companies sell and deliver the gas to customers. Each distribution company sells natural gas services independently, sets its own prices, and makes its own payment arrangements with customers.

California Gas Transmission produces natural gas in Northern California. Although all natural gas in Northern California is initially supplied by CGT, customers may choose from many different companies. A few of the best-known companies include XOOM Energy and Commerce Energy.

Concord renewable energy

Concord is one of the most energy-conscious cities in California. In 2007, Concord's mayor established the Green Ribbon Task Force, which helps introduce initiatives to keep Concord as green as possible. The Civic Center, the Fleet Management Program, the Parks Division, and the Printing Services Division have all received Bay Area Green Business Awards, and the city offers special programs such as Bike to Work Day in an attempt to reduce its carbon footprint. Concord uses recycled water in city building cooling systems, encourages the use of LED lights during the holiday season, and offers environmental education regularly to help reduce litter and air pollution.

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