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Glendale energy rates

Glendale is a city and suburb in Los Angeles County. It has a population of 196,021 and is the third largest city in the county. It is located between the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys and has an area of about 30 square miles. The residents of Glendale enjoy a mild climate throughout the year with occasional extremes, such as temperatures that reach 110 degrees in the month of August. When the weather is hot, residents tend to stay inside more, which means higher use of household appliances and air conditioners.

While the climate does have some variation in Glendale, the rates for natural gas tend to stay the same. Check out Glendale energy rates to see what prices and options are currently available.

Glendale energy deregulation

Over two decades ago, both federal and state governments began the process of energy deregulation. There were a few difficult years in California when wholesale prices for natural gas were deregulated but retail rates were not. This caused hikes in retail rates to compensate for utility companies' loss in wholesale sales. Now, California's deregulation efforts have progressed to the point where residents can choose their energy provider.

On Choose Energy, you can view the information you need to find better rate packages from alternate companies. Making the change is not complicated, nor will it interrupt the service. Essentially, the current utility company will continue to supply and transmit the natural gas, while the alternate companies will provide the sales and billing. This is a huge advantage that Glendale residents are beginning to understand and act on.

Glendale utility companies & energy providers

Some Glendale residents are concerned about dealing with new companies that are not considered utility companies. Changing to a company that can offer competitive rates and packages is the advantage of the deregulation process and is highly encouraged, as it will help increase free trade and ensure the success of the program.

In Glendale, natural gas is provided by the utility company by the Southern California Gas Company. To have their energy supplied to them, Glendale residents have the option of choosing XOOM Energy. XOOM Energy is a large and reliable energy provider that provides natural gas to people across Glendale, California, and the entire United States.

Glendale renewable energy

In 1994, Glendale contracted with the Federal Government to use hydropower supplied by the Hoover Dam, making it one of the first cities in the state to do so. The use of renewable energy has increased since then and is expected to be at 25 percent by 2016. Currently, this comes from the following sources:

  • Hoover Dam
  • High Winds Generation
  • Southwest Wyoming Wind
  • Heber South
  • Scholl landfill
  • Pebbles Springs Wind
  • Glendale College
  • Tieton Hydroelectric

By 2020, the use of these and additional resources will help increase renewable energy use in California to approximately 33 percent.

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