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Oceanside is located in California's San Diego County and boasts a population of 171,183. It is the northernmost city in the county, and covers roughly 42 square miles. Known for its mild climate (named the second-most desirable in the nation), Oceanside averages an annual high of 66 degrees with approximately 10 inches of rainfall per year.

The city is known for its proximity to both San Diego and Los Angeles, its harbor, and its large California mission. Visitors to Oceanside will immediately notice its laid-back feel and relaxed lifestyle, characterized by friendly residents, surf culture, and expansive ocean views. Energy prices in Oceanside are directly affected by its temperate seaside climate and its growing population. Check out Oceanside natural gas rates to see what prices and options are currently available.

Oceanside energy deregulation

California deregulated its energy in the late 1980's and early 1990's and the plan was initially met with a bit of controversy. However, Oceanside consumers can enjoy deregulated natural gas and obtain it from a provider of their choosing, other than a provider selected by the utility company.

With deregulated energy in Oceanside, consumers can choose an energy provider (supplier) to handle sales and billing of their energy at a rate that works for them. The traditional utility still produces and transmits the energy, but a supplier can offer lower energy costs due to deregulation.

Oceanside utility companies and energy providers

Oceanside is part of the Southern California Gas Co. utility zone. The city of Oceanside and Oceanside utility companies are served by the Los Angeles office of the California Public Utilities Commission. Oceanside’s utility companies transmit natural gas to the city, and Oceanside’s energy providers both service and distribute that energy to consumers. Consumers should explore the offerings of various providers after learning about the differences between energy providers and utilities, in order to find the best plan.

Choose Energy partners with the following Oceanside energy suppliers: Spark Energy, Commerce Energy, and XOOM Energy.

Oceanside renewable energy

Over the last several years, Oceanside has made green efforts and sustainability a priority. The city established the Green Oceanside Campaign in order to educate residents and local businesses on green issues. Oceanside also established a popular Earth Festival. Choose Energy partners with Spark Energy to provide consumers in California -- including Oceanside -- with renewable energy options.

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