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Palmdale, California, is a city located 60 miles north of Los Angeles with a population of approximately 157,000 people. The climate is fairly temperate and ranges from 34 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to an average high of 98 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Given the strain on California's natural resources and Palmdale's proximity to the greater Los Angeles area, efficient and affordable energy resources are tantamount to a sustainable infrastructure. Palmdale is currently a deregulated area, which gives citizens access to more affordable energy rates. Palmdale energy rates have dropped in 2015. You can currently find a plan for 20.9 cents per therm.

Palmdale energy deregulation

Natural gas was deregulated throughout the entire state of California in the late 1980's, which made California one of the first states to restructure the energy system. Through 1990 to 1999, demand for energy increased while supply decreased. California became increasingly dependent on out-of-state sources and energy prices soared. This caused deregulation to become the target of criticism. Today, natural gas deregulation allows Palmdale residents to review the rates of and select from different energy providers.

Palmdale utility companies & energy providers

Natural gas deregulation in Palmdale has changed how utility services operate. Previously, transmission, distribution and sales -- the three main components of the energy industry -- were all facilitated by the same utility service. Energy transmission and distribution is still facilitated by the utility company in Palmdale. However, consumers are given a choice of natural gas providers in Palmdale.

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. is one of the utility companies in Palmdale. PG&E operates in California and delivers energy services to approximately 15 million customers. Though PG&E delivers the actual energy, customers can choose from several suppliers. Choose Energy has entered into cooperative agreements with trusted energy providers in Palmdale, including Commerce Energy, Spark Energy, and XOOM Energy.

Palmdale renewable energy

In 2011, plans for the Palmdale Hybrid Power Plant were approved to help produce more green energy in Palmdale. The plant was designed to combine ultra-high-efficiency, clean-burning natural gas and cycle turbine technology with solar equipment. It is a state-of-the-art design that channels parabolic trough solar thermal design. This power plant is the first of its kind in the world, making Palmdale a leader in renewable energy resources and enhancing California's reputation as one of the nation's leaders in renewable energy innovation.

This flexible capacity plant utilizes highly efficient natural gas turbines with quick-start capabilities that lower greenhouse gases statewide. These efforts are supported by almost every stakeholder in the California energy industry, including the Environmental Protection Agency. Choose Energy partners with XOOM Energy to provide consumers with the opportunity to save money while being environmentally conscious.

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