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Riverside, CA energy rates

Riverside, CA is a medium-size California town located 55 miles east of Los Angeles. Riverside is California’s 12th most populous city and home to over 300,000 California residents, each of whom utilizes energy to power homes and businesses. The weather in Riverside is described as Mediterranean. The summers in Riverside are warm and dry and the winters are temperate. Riverside residents use energy to cool buildings during the warmer months and heat them when it’s cooler.

Energy rates in Riverside, CA, tend to stay stable, particularly because the weather is so consistent in the area.

Riverside energy deregulation

In the late 1980's and early 1990, the legislature of the state of California voted to deregulate natural gas in the state. This meant that customers in Riverside and across the state would have the opportunity to choose which natural gas provider they wanted to use. This allowed them to search for the most competitive prices possible. Riverside residents could then compare the price of natural gas from different suppliers and decide where to get their energy from.

Riverside utility companies & energy providers

In order to find the best deal, Riverside residents should be sure to research Riverside utility companies as well as Riverside energy providers. After the state decided to deregulate the natural gas market, the structure of the market changed. Now, utility companies in Riverside transmit and distribute energy, while specific energy supply companies are in charge of interacting with and selling energy directly to the consumer.

The utility company that provides gas in Riverside is the Southern California Gas Company. However, residents in Riverside can purchase their gas directly from an energy company like XOOM Energy. Xoom is a large energy provider that operates in 15 states.

Riverside renewable energy

Residents of California enjoy living in one of the greenest states in the country. In terms of sustainable energy usage, California ranks second out of all of 50 states. It also ranks fifth in the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification program.

It’s no surprise, then, that Riverside is also focused on sustainability and green-friendly initiatives. The city implemented a sustainability program in 2001, and its efforts included using sustainable energy in traffic lights, planting more shade trees, and taking better advantage of solar energy. In 2010, Riverside residents turned their focus to waste, and now divert at least 69 percent of their waste from landfills.

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