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With over 155,000 residents, Salinas, CA has the highest population of any city in Monterey County. Cool ocean breezes keep temperatures in the moderate range all year round, so residents of this coastal community face less heating and cooling energy concerns than other parts of the state. However, that does not mean that the Salinas energy rates are unimportant to its residents and commercial operators, as lows can drop just below 40 degrees Fahrenheit during the coldest nights. Check out the natural gas rates in Salinas to see what prices and plans are currently available.

Salinas energy deregulation

California began its natural gas deregulation process in 1988 when the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) labeled natural gas customers as core and noncore customers. Most residential customers were designated as core customers while larger corporations with higher load sizes were labeled noncore. Core customers continued purchasing their natural gas through their local utility companies while noncore customers could elect to use the service of any natural gas provider. In 1991, this option was also made available to core customers.

Salinas utility companies & energy providers

Since the deregulation of natural gas, there have been significant changes in the variety of establishments that offer consumers natural gas services. Before deregulation, almost all natural gas was provided through state-regulated utility services. Now, both core and noncore Salinas customers can choose their natural gas from any provider that services their area. The CPUC does oversee that utility companies have taken reasonable steps to lower natural gas rates for their customers, and also regulates over 150,000 miles of the pipeline transporting in natural gas.

In Salinas, there are several options available for natural gas service, both through the local utility company and other gas service providers. Core customers can choose to receive their natural gas service from PG&E, the local utility company. Under CPUC Gas Accord, PG&E grants access of their pipeline to allow customer's delivery of natural gas from other providers. While the utility companies provide the natural gas, suppliers offer competitive pricing and service options to consumers. Choose Energy has partnered with some of these natural gas services, such as Commerce Energy, XOOM Energy and Spark Energy. Deregulation has created competitive options for consumers, allowing them to choose a provider that offers the service and prices they need.

Salinas renewable energy

Monterey County and the city of Salinas have made tremendous strides in providing renewable energy to power their city and county. At Monterey County’s Laurel Yard Complex, the county has embarked on creating up to 192,000 kilowatt hours of energy with its 141 kilowatt solar photovoltaic (PV) energy system. This is equal to the energy output of 15,000 gallons of gas, saving a tremendous amount of natural resources, money, and carbon dioxide emissions since its inception in 2012.

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