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Vallejo, CA energy rates

On the northeastern edge of San Pablo Bay in the San Francisco Bay region, the estimated 188,000 residents of Vallejo enjoy warmer weather than many of their other Bay Area neighbors. With more inland protection, Vallejo summers average close to ten degrees higher than cities closer to the ocean. This increase in temperature also means that residents and businesses in Vallejo need affordable energy options to keep them cool on those hot days, as well as warm in the chilly winter months.

Residents looking for cost efficient energy prices in Vallejo often turn to natural gas providers in the region. Choose Energy works with some of the most trusted energy suppliers in the area, with rates that can often be lower than the state average. According to the EIA, natural gas averages in California have reached over 99 cents per therm in recent years. However, Choose Energy partners offer plans with rates as low as 34 to 80 cents per therm for a generous reduction in energy costs for Vallejo residents.

Vallejo, CA energy deregulation

Natural gas has been deregulated in California for over 25 years, allowing residents the option of choosing their own natural gas provider. Before deregulation, all natural gas was regulated and provided through the utility companies, giving residents no additional options for competitive energy rates in Vallejo. However, starting in 1988 the state of California began to deregulate natural gas and by 1991 residents were allowed to choose their own natural gas energy providers.

Vallejo, CA utility companies & energy providers

While utility companies like PG&E in Vallejo provide transmission of natural gas to residents, they are not the only natural gas energy providers in Vallejo. Due to deregulation, residents have the right to choose their own energy provider based on the quality of service and affordable rates. There are several trusted companies in Vallejo that Choose Energy has partnered with to offer competitive rates to the consumers in the area. Commerce EnergyXOOM Energy, and Spark Energy all are highly trusted energy providers that can offer excellent energy prices for Vallejo customers.

Vallejo, CA renewable energy

California has been leading the way toward green and renewable energy choices for many years. Low water reserves spurred the need for finding alternative energy sources in California, including in Vallejo. The EIA ranked California second in the nation for renewable energy in 2010, with 28.8 percent of power generation coming from renewable sources.

With such a strong commitment to green energy in Vallejo and other areas of California, there are many companies offering alternative energy options. Choose Energy is proud to partner with Spark Energy to offer renewable energy options to Vallejo residents.

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