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Visalia, California, lies within the San Joaquin Valley in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is home to 127,763 residents. Visalia is a picturesque, family-friendly community. Affordability and availability of energy is important for households, but is also important for the local economy, with community roots in both agriculture and business.

Average temperatures in Visalia reach their peak in July when they reach into the mid-90s. Temperatures are the lowest in December and January, when they tend to drop below 40 degrees. These are the times of year when energy needs are highest for most customers, causing energy rates to fluctuate. The price of natural gas in Visalia ranges from 34 to 80 cents per therm, with prices primarily dependent on the provider and the type of plan selected.

Visalia energy deregulation

Natural gas was deregulated in California in the 1980s, but electricity has not been deregulated in the state. Although natural gas prices are determined by market forces, the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) regulates natural gas utility services.

The utilities (still regulated) must buy natural gas from unregulated suppliers. Customers, however, may choose to buy from utilities or may buy directly from suppliers. Visalia customers who choose to buy from suppliers may select from several suppliers who service the city and surrounding areas.

Visalia utility companies & natural gas providers

The deregulation of natural gas in California provided customers in the state with choices for natural gas energy. The number of options consumers have is dependent on the availability in their area, and they may purchase natural gas from utility companies or from available suppliers. The utility company still is responsible for the acquisition and physical transmission of natural gas, but suppliers now handle billing and service offers.

Visalia is in the utility service area of Southern California Gas Company. Visalia consumers have choices when it comes to natural gas, and may purchase plans from providers that Choose Energy has partnered with, such as Spark Energy, Commerce Energy, and XOOM Energy.

Visalia renewable energy

Visalia is participating in energy efficiency partnership efforts with counties, industries, and organizations in the area, including the San Joaquin Valley Clean Energy Organization. Other members of this partnership (the Valley Innovative Energy Watch, or VIEW) also include Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Company, and Tulare and Kings County local governments.

Spark Energy offers carbon-neutral plans, so consumers can minimize their carbon footprint through plan selection in addition to improving personal and household energy efficient habits.

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