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Supplier Plan Energy Term Length Rate
Constellation Energy 6 month fixed 7.89¢
Constellation Energy 18 month fixed 8.89¢
Constellation Energy 36 month fixed 9.29¢
Direct Energy 18 month fixed 8.99¢
Direct Energy 12 month fixed 9.79¢

Stamford energy rates

Stamford is a city in Fairfield County, Connecticut, with a population of 125,109. Just 30 miles from downtown Manhattan, Stamford is a popular commuter city for residents working in New York City. With the population expected to continue to grow during the next decade, Stamford is poised to become one of the most populous cities in New England. Not only is Stamford home to more than 100,000 residents, but it also has a burgeoning commercial sector with four Fortune 500 Companies and many other large businesses. Given this growing population and the large number of businesses, it is obvious that Stamford requires efficient and affordable energy.

Although energy prices in Stamford vary depending on the season, rates are often cheapest in the spring and most expensive during the cold and snowy New England winters. Stamford energy rates are competitively priced between 7.99 and 11.99 cents per kilowatt hour.

Stamford energy deregulation

Before energy deregulation was introduced, the utility market was dominated by a single company that handled every aspect of a customer's energy needs, from payment and sales to delivery, transmission and more. Since it was dominated by a single entity, this company held a monopoly over the energy market and had control over the price. Energy deregulation in Connecticut and other states has led to more competition in the energy marketplace, thus giving consumers more choice when it comes to selecting their energy providers.

Although a single utility -- or wires -- company continues to deliver and transmit energy, Stamford residents and business owners now have the opportunity to compare prices from a multitude of providers. Energy deregulation in Stamford has led to greater competition between providers, which has translated to lower utility prices for local residents. Now, a virtual marketplace exists for shopping and comparing different suppliers and their available plans.

Stamford utility companies & energy providers

Even though energy deregulation has led to more suppliers, energy is still transmitted by a single utility company. Connecticut Light & Power is the primary wires company in Stamford. Prior to deregulation a single utility company transmitted and billed energy to residents.

Energy deregulation in Stamford consumers has give residents choice in find the best plan for their needs. Choose Energy has partnered with the best energy suppliers in the region, including North American Power and Public Power. The more energy providers Stamford residents have to choose from, the better prices that will result for the customer. The best method for finding the best energy rate is to shop around and compare the services offered by each of these preferred providers.

Stamford renewable energy

Despite Connecticut ranking 45th in the nation for all states in electricity generated by renewable energy, towns like Stamford remain committed to finding alternative sources of energy. Renewable energy initiatives in Stamford include utilizing solar panels at public schools and plans to construct wind turbines in the area.

Residents looking for renewable energy in Stamford will be happy to know that Choose Energy has partnered with North American Power to give customers the opportunity to help preserve the environment while saving money.

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Stamford energy suppliers

North American Power Public Power
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