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Choose Energy provides you with the ability to compare New Jersey energy companies so you can choose the New Jersey energy provider that best fits your needs, whether its residential energy for your home or business electricity. You can select from the best New Jersey energy rates for your area, help you to compare energy companies and their offers, so you can save money on your home or business energy costs.

Whether you live in Newark, Trenton, or Toms River - we will help you search for the best energy provider for your home or business. In the state of New Jersey the law states that the portion of your gas or electric bill concerning the supply portion of that energy source is separated from the delivery portion of your energy bill. This has opened the door for competition amongst suppliers of the energy source allowing the consumer to shop for the best price. This does not change the distributor of the energy source, the gas or electricity will still be delivered to the consumer via the same pipes and wires. The distributor will also be the entity that will respond to any emergency phone calls or issues dealing with the energy source. Keep in mind that the decision to buy energy supplies from a supplier other than the utility company is simply economic and does not impact the safety or reliability of that service.

New Jersey first got on the energy deregulation platform in August of 1999. It became one of a handful of states that were deregulating the electric utilities. What New Jersey did was take a close look at what other states had done and how it was working. They studied Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and California. They took what was working in those states and created their own plan.