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Why Compare

Learn how you can compare New York Energy Services Companies (ESCO) and electricity rates to find the best electricity plan for your needs.


What is New York energy deregulation? Learn about its history and how you can take advantage to power your home.

Service Areas

The ConEd, Central Hudson, National Grid, NYSEG, ORU, and RGE service areas are deregulated in New York. See if you can compare ESCOs and shop for electricity.

Education Center

Need more information about New York power to choose how to compare ESCOs? Learn more in the Education Center.

What we know about energy rates in New York:

Frankly, residential power in New York is expensive. NY is home to the second highest electricity prices in the nation (after Hawaii), where residential electricity prices are 54% more expensive than the national average. This contributes to the combined utility bills that can cost over $2,000 per year for an average-sized New York home. Natural gas prices are slightly better, but still above the national average.

It doesn’t have to be so. Choose Energy can help you save on both electricity and natural gas.

Since 1996, 78% of New Yorkers have the option to switch to an alternative energy provider, and we're happy to give you the opportunity to choose both electricity and natural gas plans. In the past we’ve saved customers over $200 per year. Currently, the most popular suppliers in New York are Gateway Energy Services,  North American Power and Direct Energy.

Using our plan search tool (just plug in your zip code above), you can find the best (or simply the lowest) electricity and natural gas rates in New York to fit your needs and lock it in.

New York State Energy Profile:
Consumption per capita: 50th
Natural gas prices: 19th
Electricity prices: 2nd
Carbon Dioxide Emissions: 10th
Renewable energy ranking: 4th – Hydro and Wind
Most Generated Electricity Source: Nuclear
Compare electricity rates and shop electricity plans from many great New York suppliers, including: