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Choose Energy can help you lower your Pennsylvania energy bill today! With Choose Energy, you have the ability to compare electric companies so you can choose the Pennsylvania electricity provider that best fits your needs, whether its residential energy for your home or business electricity. Your Pennsylvania electricity right to choose starts here with ChooseEnergy.com. We will show you the top Pennsylvania electricity rates for your area, allow you to compare electric companies and their offers, so you can save money on your home or business energy costs.

In Pennsylvania, the laws on how electricity is dispersed are changing as old legislation reaches its expiration date and new laws are put into place.

The Pennsylvania power distribution law gives consumers the option to choose the company that produces their power but not the company that supplies it. This is because providers, the companies that supply electricity and other power sources from the producer to the consumer, are assigned to a specific geographical location to ensure there is never a monopoly on power in any given area and prices remain fair and reasonable. Known as the Pennsylvania Electric Competition Law, this legislation protects the consumers from being scammed while inspiring competition amongst producers in order to keep taxpayers happy and boost the economy of the state.

What this means for consumers is that there is more choice if you are unhappy with your current power producer's rates. The amount you are paying to the producer as opposed to the amount you are paying the provider is separated on your electricity bill under Supplier Services. The best way to make sure there is not a better price out there is to research the different companies in the state that producer their own power and work with in-state providers. Some producers in the state produce power solely for states that they border. All of the information on where the producer is allowed to supply will available on the producer's website.

One of the largest and most popular producers in Pennsylvania is the Metropolitan Edison Company. Met-Ed, as it is commonly known, is one of two electrical companies in the state that still produces its own electricity instead of getting it from an outside source. By doing this, they can keep their power prices low and therefore not lose customers to smaller companies that may be able to get their power from cheaper producers but charge more for distribution. Owned by FirstEnergy, a company based out of Akron, Ohio that serves a large area of people, caters to both the residential clientele and local businesses, both large and small. It is estimated to cover a quarter of Pennsylvania's rural and urban populations, mostly in the southeast corner of the state. Although their presence in Pennsylvania is still small, it is growing every day due to companies' competitive prices and willingness to work the extra mile to make sure that their clients are happy with their power supply.

Another major choice for Pennsylvania power is Penelec. Also owned by the FirstEnergy Company, Penelec is the largest choice for Pennsylvania citizens. Their coverage area includes over half of the state's total population. As their business has grown, Penelec has been perfecting the art of customer service with the homes and businesses they provide power for. Features include a bill by bill comparison so that consumers can see what months of the year their bills are higher and even check possible reasons for the increase.