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Philadelphia Energy Guide

Philadelphia Energy Rates

The second largest city on the East Coast and the fifth-most populated city in the U.S. rests in the southeast of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia has a population of 1,553,165, with an extensive suburban population. The city has a high demand for efficient and affordable energy for its commercial and resident buildings alike. A varying weather pattern, from summer temperatures in the 90's to winter temperatures as low as zero, make the need for affordable climate control imperative.
Energy prices in Philadelphia depend on a variety of conditions. Typically, rates are lowest in the last three months of the year, with prices rising in January. Philadelphia energy rates for electricity are priced between 8.39 cents per kilowatt/hour and 9.99 cents per kilowatt/hour.

Philadelphia Energy Deregulation

Legislation to deregulate energy in Pennsylvania began in 1997. House Bill 1509 passed in 2000, deregulating the energy market in all of Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia. This led to a choice for consumers. While a single utility provider would continue to create and transmit statewide electricity, consumers were finally able to compare the prices of different suppliers in the city. Variable rate and fixed rate plans also became available. 
Energy deregulation in Philadelphia has encouraged competition between providers, and the customer has the ability to choose their supplier. By comparing suppliers' prices and plan offerings, Philadelphia residents can pay a much smaller yearly fee for energy. 

Philadelphia Utility Companies & Energy Providers

Customers need to know exactly what the energy suppliers and utility companies will do for them in Philadelphia. Before Bill 1509 and deregulation, the utility company sold, distributed and transmitted all energy to residents. After deregulation, the utility provider transmits and distributes the energy, but Philadelphia energy suppliers handle sales and payments for residents.
PECO Energy Co. is the primary Philadelphia wires company service. PECO serves 3.8 million people and holds over $9.8 million in assets. However, consumers have a list of choices in their energy supplier. Choose Energy partners with the best providers available, such as AEP EnergyTriEagleConstellation and Xoom Energy, offering customers better prices. 

Philadelphia Renewable Energy

Pennsylvania ranks 16th in the United States for electricity generated by renewable resources. Four percent of the Keystone State's energy is renewable. Pennsylvania's Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards require this number to go up to 18 percent by 2021.
Philadelphia green energy is in high demand. Since it is not currently a leader in green energy initiatives, incentive programs are encouraging a greener Keystone State. State leaders are hopeful that some of Pennsylvania's 63,000 farms will increase the demand for biofuel. Additionally, the Pennsylvania legislature is consistently working toward improving green energy, with bills such as H.B. 100, which encourages energy providers to use at least 15 percent of renewable resources in energy production. Residents who use one of Pennsylvania's green energy options help the movement toward a greener state. Choose Energy only pairs with the best renewable energy sources, such as Spark Energy.