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Startex Power is a Retail Energy Provider

Startex Power is one of several different energy providers available for consumers in the state of Texas as the result of deregulation. Prior to deregulation consumers were limited with their selection of energy providers and may have had only one provider available. Texas deregulated the energy industry in 2002, which opened up the opportunity for many different retail energy providers to be created.

Deregulation of the energy industry in Texas provides competition between the different retail energy service providers including Startex Power. Both residential and consumer customers can pick from different energy providers which offer specials, promotions and different rate packages and plans. Consumers also have the option of changing energy providers at any time in order to get the best rates currently being offered.

Even though consumers can switch companies, including Startex Power, whenever they desire, there may be early termination fees and other penalties for switching energy providers while still under a contract period. Contract periods can vary in length of time from six months to twelve months, depending on the promotion selected.

Startex Power and other retail energy service providers in the state of Texas have to provide consumers with details about the contract service period which list the terms and conditions for the offer selected. Details within the contract should include whether the rate is fixed or can change during the period, as well as additional fees for higher levels of usage, early termination fees for switching companies and whether the contract automatically renews.

Specials and promotions offered by energy providers, like Startex Power, could include no deposits, energy rewards programs, free electricity, free surge protection, no credit checks, green energy options and gift cards. Consumers should be aware that switching energy providers does not have anything to do with the electrical wires which run to the home or business.

Outside wires are maintained by the original electric company prior to deregulation or are outsourced and maintained by another company. The energy provider, such as Startex Power, only bills consumers for energy use and does not affect repair times when there are power outages. When a consumer has issues or needs help with outside wire problems they should contact that company instead of the retail energy service provider.

Since consumers in Texas have a wide variety of retail energy service providers to choose from, including Startex Power, which all can offer special rates and promotions, it can be time consuming calling each one and learning about these offers. Choose Energy, www.chooseenergy.com, provides a service online, where consumers can select between retail energy service providers and see all offers currently available in their area as well as contract terms and conditions.