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Corpus Christi Energy Rates

Corpus Christi is a sprawling Texas coastal city with a metropolitan population of nearly 470,000. Due to the population size and humid climate, the city has a definite need for high-quality affordable energy.Currently, citizens of Corpus Christi live in a deregulated area, which has helped them obtain better energy rates. 

Corpus Christi energy prices fluctuate over the course of the year. For example, consumers signing up in early spring usually pay slightly more, while December and January (mid-winter) are the most affordable times to sign up. Average energy prices in Corpus Christi have dropped over the last few years, and prices currently range from 10.2 cents/kilowatt hr. to 11.2 cents/kilowatt hr.

Corpus Christi Energy Deregulation

Texas instituted its deregulated energy market after a senate bill was passed on the first day of 2002. Basically, this gave the majority of the Lone Star State, including Corpus Christi, the ability to pick energy suppliers from a pool of companies. The idea was that energy deregulation in Corpus Christi would push competitors to lower prices, consequently driving down energy bill costs for the consumer. 

Signing up for an energy plan is similar to shopping. A Corpus Christi consumer's energy choice is no longer limited to a single service. Just as customers are able to choose the best and most reasonably priced refrigerator, they too can choose the best and most reasonably priced energy supplier.

Corpus Christi Utility Companies & Energy Providers

Deregulation in Corpus Christi has also altered the way things operate for utility services. The three main components - transmission, distribution, and sales - used to be facilitated by the same utility service. Now, the operational blueprint has been transformed. Energy transmission and distribution is still facilitated by the wires company in Corpus Christi (also called the utility company), which still functions as a monopoly. However, consumers are given a choice of energy providers in Corpus Christi, who sell to the consumer and collect payments each month. These same energy providers also set the prices for their services. 

AEP Texas Central serves Corpus Christi's utility service area. AEP operates in 11 different states, distributing energy to over five million consumers. While energy must be delivered from them, customers have their choice among many Corpus Christi energy suppliers. With so many names, it can be hard to know which service to trust. Choose Energy has entered into cooperative agreements with a few of the most trusted companies, such as Reliant EnergyTriEagle Energy and Direct Energy.

Corpus Christi Renewable Energy

Texas is one of the biggest players in the energy field, and renewable energy is enjoying its own level of success. As far as wind power generation goes, Texas is second to none. Texas reached number five in the category of net generation of renewable energy

Corpus Christi has made efforts to follow in the path of the state. The city has begun to implement green programs to increase the use of alternative energies such as hybrid vehicles, wind energy and solar power. Choose Energy partners with Amigo Energy and Green Mountain Energytwo Corpus Christi green energy suppliers, and offers consumers the chance to save the environment and money.