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HOUSTON Energy Guide

Houston Energy Rates

With a population of well over 2.1 million people, Houston is a fast-paced urban metropolis with a humid climate that requires advanced, efficient and affordable energy for residential and commercial use. As America's fourth biggest and most rapidly growing city, the need for affordable energy rates in Houston is increasing. 

Houston energy prices generally fluctuate, typically peaking in early spring and decreasing at the beginning and end of the year. Specific energy prices in Houston span from 9.7 cents/kilowatt hour to 10.9 cents/kilowatt hour for electricity.

Houston Energy Deregulation

Texas deregulation began in early 2002 with the approval of Texas Senate Bill Number 7. Now, the majority of the state, including Houston, has the power to select their own provider. Previously, consumerswere only given one option for an energy supplier. Deregulation has allowed competition in the energy market and has given residents the power to choose which energy provider sells them energy and bills them each month.

Thanks to energy deregulation in Houston, customers are now able to look around for lower rates, as suppliers are competing with one another. Residents can shop and compare rates and plans because there are more options for energy providers in Houston, helping consumers save money every month by signing up for more reasonably priced energy plans.

Houston Utility Companies & Energy Providers

Prior to deregulation, the energy industry in Houston functioned differently. One company handled all the operations -- transmission, distribution and sales. Hence, consumers had to buy from that company. Now, the utility companies in Houston handle transmission and distribution, while providers handle sales of energy to residents.
CenterPoint Energy, a company that offers natural gas in six states and electricity to all of Houston, services the city and greater area. There are various choices for energy providers in Houston, and Choose Energy has partnered with some of the best. Customers have selections among trusted providers such as Reliant EnergyDirect Energy and TriEagle Energy.

Houston Renewable Energy

Texas is a leader among all states in renewable energy, ranking fourth in net summer capacity of renewable energy sources at 10.985 gigawatts and fifth in net generation at 28.967 gigawatt hours. The Lone Star State is also the largest producer of wind energy

Houston is becoming much greener, and all signs indicate that the city will continue to be a leader in the renewable energy sector. Green energy in Houston is widely available for consumers. Choose Energy has partnered with Green Mountain Energy and Amigo Energy, two trusted green energy suppliers in Houston. The city's energy efficiency rank typically falls within the top ten, and no other municipality buys more renewable energy. Recently, Causes.com rated the city the 10th greenest in the nation