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MIDLAND Energy Guide

Midland Energy Rates

Midland, Texas has a metro population of just under 275,000. Midland also experiences a long and humid summer that enhances the demand for efficient energy that is affordable.  

Over a year's span, Midland energy prices can fluctuate. Energy rates in Midland often peak in the spring and autumn and usually decline at the beginning and end of the year. The present rates for electricity span from 9.2 cents/kilowatt hour to 10.9 cents/kilowatt hour for the Oncor Electric Delivery utility service area and 12.5 cents/kilowatt hour to 13 cents/kilowatt hour for the Sharyland utility service area. 

Midland Energy Deregulation

When the Senate approved a bill in early 2002, deregulation of Texas energy launched for Midland and most of the state. This meant one company no longer dominated the energy market and the supplier market opened to competition. This has made the energy market function more like a retail market. Customers shop for the best service and lowest rates. 

Energy deregulation in Midland now gives customers the ability to choose their energy provider. Why is this a benefit? Consumers get control over which company provides their electricity. This ensures they can always get the lowest market rate because consumers can simply choose the cheapest provider. 

Midland Utility Companies and Energy Providers

When the market wasn't deregulated, the wires company in Midland transmitted, delivered, and sold the energy to consumers. Now that the market is deregulated, the wires company (utility service) only transmits and distributes that energy; Midland power companies now handle the service aspect of the process, including sales and billing. 

There are two utility companies in Midland: Oncor Electric Delivery and Sharyland Utilities. There is no larger energy delivery service in Texas than Oncor Electric Delivery, as the company now services roughly 7.5 million customers. Sharyland Utilities delivers energy to over 50,000 consumers across the Lone Star State. 
With energy providers in Midland, customers enjoy greater selection. Reliable suppliers such as Reliant EnergyDirect Energy, and TriEagle Energy ensure customers can get the best market price. 

Midland Renewable Energy

Texas has been very productive in the traditional energy sector and recent statistics and developments indicate that the state will have similar success in the green energy field. The Lone Star State is number one in wind power production and number five overall in renewable energy production

Midland looks to become a game changer within Texas, and the town's abundant land and sunny climate make it a great place for wind and solar energy manufacturing. Additionally, consumers also have a choice in selecting the best supplier of green energy in Midland, like Amigo Energy or Green Mountain Energy, to meet their needs.