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WACO Energy Guide

Waco Energy Rates

With a humid subtropical climate, urban environment and metro population of 235,000, Waco requires energy that's both reasonably priced and efficient in order to meet residential and business needs. The city's population has been steadily expanding, and this has led to an increase in desire for affordable energy prices in Waco. 

Energy rates in Waco fluctuate from time to time, so it's important to periodically review available ratesCustomers typically see the cheapest rates in the last and first months of the year, and the spring season is often the most expensive time to sign up for a plan. However, this isn't always the case. Currently, electricity costs anywhere from 9.2 cents/kilowatt hour to 10.9 cents/kilowatt hour.

Waco Energy Deregulation

Beginning on January 1, 2002, the Texas Senate approved a bill to implement deregulation for a large portion of the state, including Waco. This has allowed competition in the Waco energy sector. Now, consumers are able to browse around for different energy providers in the city.
Before the bill, consumers didn't have any active choice in who supplied their energy. Now that residents have different energy suppliers in Waco vying for their business, rates have become more competitive.Selecting an energy plan is now similar to shopping—customers can compare and contrast rates and services from various providers and make the best decision for themselves.

Waco Utility Companies & Energy Providers

Prior to energy deregulation in Waco, one service managed energy transmission, distribution and sales. Since deregulation, the wires company in Waco creates and transmits energy and then distributes it to homes. Given the infrastructure needed for creating and transmitting energy, there is only one utility company distributing energy to the Waco area, meaning that consumers can't choose their utility company.However, since deregulation, energy suppliers in Waco are responsible for selling energy to customers and collecting payments. Consumers can choose their energy provider. 

Oncor Electric Company, a company that transmits and distributes electricity to 7.5 million consumers, serves as the main utility service provider for the city of Waco. There are an array of energy providers in Waco, though, and making a decision on which one to choose can seem difficult. Choose Energy has partnered with some of the most reliable and affordable suppliers to make that job easier for customers, including Reliant EnergyDirect Energy and TriEagle Energy.

Waco Renewable Energy

Only four states generate more renewable energy than Texas. The state has long been a leader in the energy sector—a position that appears to be continuing into the green energy field. For example, no other state generates more wind energy than Texas.
Waco green energy use has increased steadily in recent years. The city constructed the first chamber of commerce building in the country to run on renewable energy. Many businesses and institutions have greatly reduced electricity and water consumption. For instance, MarathonNorco Aerospace reduced electricity consumption by roughly 33% and water usage by more than 50%. The Learning Green Luncheon is a monthly event in the city where businesses exchange ideas on ways to reduce consumption and use more renewable energy. Waco also has many green energy providers, and Choose Energy has partnered with two of the best: Green Mountain Energy and Amigo Energy