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Residential Energy Services

Your choice for residential energy is here. Choose Energy™ helps you confidently compare residential electricity rates for your home so you can lower your residential energy costs. You have many choices when it comes to residential electricity and Choose Energy™ will help guide you through the process of selecting the lowest residential energy rates. With so much competition in the deregulated energy markets today, you have the power to choose which residential electricity service is the right fit for your home. Whether you want to compare residential electricity rates based on price, energy type or provider, you can do that on ChooseEnergy.com.

Choose Energy™ has researched and partnered with the top residential electricity providers that offer the most competitive residential energy rates for your area. You can also rest assured that your electricity will remain as dependable and consistent as it always has because of the strict deregulation laws. You are just basically changing which residential energy company bills you for your usage. Residential electricity is simply a commodity, why not get the lowest priced residential electricity rates available.

Choose Energy™ will guide you through a simple process and help you choose the energy provider that is right for you. After a few steps, you can decide if you want to switch providers. If you want to think about it before accepting an offer, simply sign off, then revisit us later. Choose Energy™ assures you that the switch will be simple, there will be no disruption in your residential energy service and no salespeople will contact you without your permission. Let energy companies compete for your business. Compare residential electricity rates by entering your zip code to the right now. It's easy to save! If you are looking for business electricity rates, enter your ZIP code and select Business above.