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In Illinois, you can choose your electricity and natural gas suppliers. Switching suppliers gives you the same reliable service - but now on your terms. Over 3 million Illinois residents have already made the switch. Need a good reason to switch suppliers? Illinois residents saved up to 22% on electricity bills last year by switching. See how much you can save when you enter your ZIP code above.

Current Price to Compare IL Rates

Utility Company Price per kwh
Ameren Electric 6.167¢ / kwh
Commonwealth Edison 7.149¢ / kwh
Supplier Plan Energy Term Length Price per kWh
Constellation Energy 6 month fixed 6.49¢
Constellation Energy 12 month fixed 7.19¢
Constellation Energy 12 month fixed 7.49¢
Constellation Energy 24 month fixed 7.49¢
North American Power 12 month fixed 7.29¢

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History of energy deregulation in Illinois

The energy deregulation process began for Illinois in 1997 with the Illinois Electric Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Law. Today, both electricity and natural gas markets are deregulated for customers in areas of Illinois. Deregulation of electricity and natural gas allows Illinois residents to research and compare different energy rates offered by an area’s energy suppliers.

The competitive market is designed to encourage energy companies to keep rates low and innovate new money and energy-saving technologies for customers. More than 3 million Illinois residents have taken advantage of the deregulated energy market in Illinois, so switch to a budget-friendly energy plan today. Can you save? Enter your ZIP above to see.

Who can buy deregulated energy?

  • Deregulated electricity: residences and businesses
  • Deregulated natural gas: residences and businesses

Both Illinois homeowners and business owners can buy deregulated energy. Homes and businesses have the option of purchasing energy plans for natural gas and electricity. With a range of energy rates and plan types to choose from, you’re sure to find an energy plan that’s right for you.

If you choose not to purchase an energy supply plan, you will a default rate to your area’s utility company every month. Since the default rate is dependent on uncontrollable factors and could change from month to month, you could ultimately be spending more than you thought you would on your energy bill.

Who provides the electricity?

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Your energy supplier will communicate with your utility once your new energy plan begins, so there will never be an interruption to your power when switching suppliers. You will also receive a reminder from Choose Energy and your supplier toward the end of your current plan, giving you the option to pick a new one or continue with your utility’s default rate.

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The Illinois deregulated energy market gives customers options for energy suppliers based on competitive rates and plan types. No matter which energy plan or supplier you choose, your local utility company will deliver the electricity to your property.

If you have any problems, emergencies, power outages, etc., contact your utility company – not your supplier!

What types of plans are products are offered in Illinois?

  • Fixed rate plans: Many Illinois energy suppliers offer fixed rate plans for a range of term lengths. Term lengths can range from 6 months to 2 years. Fixed rate plans ensure that the consumer is paying the same rate every month of the plan’s term length, no matter the default rate of the utility.
  • Variable-rate plans: Variable-rate plans offer more flexibility with no long-term contracts or cancellation fees. However, with a variable-rate plan, the consumer’s monthly rate is subject to change from month to month.
  • Prepaid plans: Some Illinois suppliers do not require a credit check or deposit for these prepaid plans, keeping them accessible to customers of any financial background. The consumer pays in advance for a certain amount of electricity or natural gas and is alerted throughout by the supplier the month regarding usage and account balance.
  • Green/Renewable energy plans: Many Illinois electricity suppliers offer plans that use up to 100% of green or renewable energy. Many of these energy plans have fixed rates, providing consistency month to month.
  • Home services: Some Illinois energy companies do more than just supply electricity and natural gas. Constellation, Direct Energy and other energy suppliers offer additional products and services such as smart thermostats, HVAC installation, roof repairs and more.
  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs): Some of Choose Energy’s Illinois suppliers offer Renewable Energy Credits for customers who are serious about minimizing environmental impacts. The purchase of RECs can further offset a customer’s home (or business) carbon footprint and encourage the use of local renewable energy sources.

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Are there renewable energy options in Illinois?

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Yes! Through Choose Energy’s partnerships with Illinois energy suppliers, customers can find electricity plans that supplies a portion of electricity from green or renewable sources.

Some electricity suppliers in Illinois even offer plans sourced from 50% to 100% green or renewable energy. With Choose Energy, there’s no reason to compromise your love for the environment to stay in-budget.

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Illinois electricity & natural gas suppliers

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