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Supplier Plan Energy Term Length Rate
Constellation Energy 36 month fixed 7.39¢
Constellation Energy 12 month fixed 7.79¢
Direct Energy 12 month fixed 7.89¢
Direct Energy 18 month fixed 7.29¢
Constellation Energy 24 month fixed 7.69¢

Bethesda energy rates

One of the wealthiest communities in the United States, Bethesda has a population of 60,858. It is considered a bedroom community of Washington D.C. as it’s only 13 miles away from the capital. Given its diverse population and the numerous businesses headquartered there, Bethesda requires affordable and reliable energy. Bethesda Energy rates vary by season. With its cold winters and humid, hot summers, energy rates are the most expensive during the winter and summer months. Consequently, residents and business owners in Bethesda looking for a good deal may want to consider shopping for energy during the fall. Bethesda electricity rates for electricity vary between 7.89 and 11.44 cents per kilowatt hour while natural gas rates range from 53.9 to 57.9 cents per therm.

Bethesda energy deregulation

The state of Maryland now allows competition in the energy market, allowing customers the opportunity to choose their own electricity supplier. Before deregulation, a single utility handled Bethesda’s energy needs. Energy deregulation in Bethesda has opened the energy market to multiple energy suppliers who compete to offer the most desirable package of price and service. What does this mean for you? It means that you’ll have more money at the end of every month because you can shop around to find the best deal on energy.

Bethesda utilities & energy suppliers

Your local utility is still in charge of transmitting and distributing energy to customers. But a multitude of energy providers handle the sales and payment. In Bethesda,PEPCO is the primary utility/wires company and provides energy to all of Washington, DC and nearby Maryland communities. To provide the best service, Choose Energy has partnered with companies like Constellation, XOOM, and Con Edison Solutions to give customers the power of choice in selecting their energy supplier.

Bethesda renewable energy

Maryland ranks 34th in the nation in renewable energy. Despite this statistic, however, both Maryland and the city of Bethesda are making strides to be more environmentally friendly by using renewable energy sources. For the more environmentally conscious, Choose Energy has partnered with Oasis Energy to be their preferred supplier of renewable energy in Bethesda.



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