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Supplier Plan Energy Term Length Rate
Constellation Energy 36 month fixed 7.39¢
Constellation Energy 12 month fixed 7.79¢
Direct Energy 12 month fixed 7.89¢
Direct Energy 18 month fixed 7.29¢
Constellation Energy 24 month fixed 7.69¢

Rockville energy rates

Rockville, Maryland is the county seat of Montgomery County. Rockville has a population of more than 61,000. Since it is home to numerous software companies, biotech firms, government agencies and retail stores, Rockville requires a constant supply of efficient and affordable energy. Because summers in Maryland are hot and winters are cold, Rockville energy rates tend to fluctuate throughout the year. Typically, the winters drive the highest demand for energy, as customers try to keep their homes and businesses warm. The spring and fall months are considered the best time to purchase energy because rates are at their cheapest. Rockville electric rates vary from 7.89 to 11.44 cents per kilowatt hour, while natural gas rates go from 48.99 to 99.99 cents per therm.

Rockville energy deregulation

The Electric Utility Industry Restructuring Act of Maryland came into effect in 1999. Prior this legislation, a single company was responsible for every aspect of providing energy to residents in Rockville. Because a single utility company in Rockville managed the delivery, transmission, and billing of energy, that company could set whatever price they wanted. Luckily, because of energy deregulation, customers (both commercial and residential) can now elect to buy electricity from the variety of companies that service the area. Energy deregulation in Rockville makes the energy market here highly competitive, driving the costs of energy down for customers.

Rockville utility companies & energy suppliers

Despite energy deregulation leading to more choice for customers, residents in Rockville are still required to have their energy transmitted and distributed by a single utility provider. In Rockville, PEPCO is the primary utility company. One of the largest public utility companies in the U.S., Rockville services most of Maryland and Washington, D.C. In order to provide the best service possible and the most affordable rates, PEPCO has partnered with companies like Constellation Energy, XOOM and ConEdison Solutions to be the energy providers in Rockville, MD.

Rockville renewable energy

Although ranked 34th of all the states in renewable energy, Maryland is quickly switching much of its energy focus to renewable resources. For Rockville customers interested in renewable energy, one option is Oasis Energy. In addition to supplying green energy in Rockville from sources such as wind turbines and solar panels, Oasis also keeps their prices competitive with other energy providers in the area.

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Rockville energy suppliers

Constellation Energy Oasis Energy
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