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Supplier Plan Energy Term Length Rate
Direct Energy 18 month fixed 11.69¢
Direct Energy 12 month fixed 12.59¢
Spark Energy 12 month fixed 11.90¢
Spark Energy 12 month fixed 12.60¢
Clearview Energy 12 month fixed 11.39¢

Cambridge electricity rates

Home to two of the world's most recognizable and prestigious universities, Harvard and MIT, Cambridge is the fifth most populous city in Massachusetts, with a population of 105,162. Just minutes from downtown Boston, Cambridge is home to many businesses and residents alike. Given Cambridge's strategic importance in Massachusetts, it is not surprising that the city requires reliable and affordable energy.

Since the weather in New England can be so unpredictable, energy prices in Cambridge can vary by season. On average, energy rates are the highest during the months of November to February and cheapest in the spring and early fall. You can check out current Cambridge energy rates and compare the available plans.

Cambridge energy deregulation

In order to give customers more choice and flexibility in selecting their utility provider, Massachusetts deregulated its energy industry. Prior to the passage of the law, a single utility company was responsible for delivering and supplying energy to homes and businesses. Although this may seem convenient, it was actually the most expensive way to receive energy because the utility company had a monopoly on the market and could set its own price.

In short, energy deregulation in Cambridge means that there is now more competition in the marketplace, which gives consumers more choice in selecting an energy supplier. While a single utility provider, NSTAR Electric, continues to create, transmit, and distribute electricity, customers in Cambridge can compare the prices of many energy suppliers to find the one that best fits their needs and budget.

Cambridge utility companies & energy providers

Before energy deregulation, a single company was responsible for the transmission, distribution and sales of electricity in Cambridge. However, energy deregulation has resulted in a multitude of new suppliers that sell energy and collect payments every month. Although the transmission and distribution of energy is still provided by NSTAR Electric, customers can now choose from several energy providers in Cambridge.

In order to provide the best service in Cambridge, NSTAR Electric has partnered with the best providers in the region, like Clearview Energy and Just Energy.

Cambridge renewable energy

Massachusetts is ranked 35th in the nation for electricity generated by renewable energy. Despite this disappointing ranking, Cambridge is leading the charge with the Renewable and Clean Energy Department. The committee remains dedicated to offering alternative sources of energy, like solar, geothermal, wind, and biomass power. In order to provide renewable energy to Cambridge residents and business owners, NSTAR Electric has partnered with Clearview Energy.

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Cambridge electricity suppliers

Clearview Energy Just Energy
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