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Supplier Plan Energy Term Length Rate
Direct Energy 18 month fixed 11.69¢
Direct Energy 12 month fixed 12.59¢
Spark Energy 12 month fixed 11.90¢
Spark Energy 12 month fixed 12.60¢
Clearview Energy 12 month fixed 11.39¢

New Bedford energy rates

Home to one of the largest fishing communities in the United States, New Bedford is the sixth-largest city in Massachusetts, with a population estimated at 95,072. Since it is such an important economic hub in Massachusetts, it is of paramount importance that New Bedford has access to efficient and affordable energy that helps support local residents and businesses. The unpredictable New England weather, with hot and humid summers and cold and snowy winters, makes this energy need even more imperative.

Energy prices in New Bedford vary due to a number of factors. Traditionally, rates are cheapest during the spring or early fall and most expensive right before winter. Check out current energy rates in New Bedford and compare the available plans.

New Bedford energy deregulation

Prior to energy deregulation in Massachusetts, a single utility company was responsible for the transmission, distribution, and sales of electricity to your home or business. Since consumers did not have a choice in energy providers, the utility company was able to monopolize the market and could charge any price they saw fit. By 2000, energy was deregulated in Massachusetts. Now you can choose from more than one energy supplier. Each supplier is able to set their own prices and provide services to New Bedford and nearby cities and towns.

In short, energy deregulation has led to more competition between providers and more choices for consumers. Now, the consumer can select an energy supplier that fits their needs and budget.

New Bedford utility companies & energy providers

Due to deregulation, a single utility company transmits and distributes energy while a slew of independent energy providers takes responsibility for sales and payments.

Eversource Energy is the primary utility service zone for New Bedford residents and business owners. Eversource is responsible for transmitting and distributing energy to more than 1.4 million customers in eastern and central Massachusetts. When it comes time to choose an energy supplier, customers have several providers to pick from. To provide reliable energy at affordable prices to New Bedford residents, Choose Energy has partnered with Clearview Energy and Just Energy, which provide excellent customer service.

New Bedford renewable energy

Despite ranking 39th among states in renewable energy, Massachusetts is making great strides in finding alternative sources of energy. For example, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center remains committed to developing clean energy technologies, including wind farms, throughout the state. In order to provide a source of renewable energy in New Bedford, Choose Energy recommends Clearview Energy, who provides green energy at affordable prices.

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