Lubbock seeks to join Texas’ deregulated energy market

Alex Crees
By Alex Crees January 8th, 2018
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The city of Lubbock has requested to join Texas’ deregulated electricity market, the Houston Chronicle reported.  If approved, Lubbock would become the first city to opt into the competitive market since Texas deregulated power 15 years ago.

In testimony filed with the Public Utility Commission, Lubbock Mayor Daniel Pope cited more choice in providers and lower electricity prices as driving factors behind the request.

Lubbock residents currently get electricity from Lubbock Power & Light, a regulated utility.  Until 2010, residents could choose between two utilities – Lubbock Power & Light and the Southwestern Public Service Co – that served the city.  However, unlike switching retail electric plans in deregulated zones, switching utilities meant moving service from power lines of one provider to the other.

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