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In Pennsylvania, you can choose your electricity and natural gas suppliers. More than 2.1 million households and over 250,000 businesses in the state already have made the switch. Now there's reason for more customers to explore electricity deregulation - two PA utilities have asked the state's Public Utilities Commission for permission to hike rates for transmitting power to homes and business.

PECO wants to increase the amount it charges residential customers 3.2 percent; Duquesne Light wants a nearly 9 percent hike. Both would take effect January 2019. What's a customer to do? Look for ways to cut the electricity supply portion of his or her bill, and that's where can help. Enter your ZIP above to see whether you can find a cheaper supply rate to offset the likely increases in transmission and delivery costs.

Pennsylvania Electricity Rates

While suppliers may offer attractive rates, energy companies in Pennsylvania are still responsible for delivering energy to your home and maintaining its infrastructure. In the event of an outage or service interruption, be sure to call your utility, which will be able to assist you and restore power.

Provider / Plan Name Term Length Rate Promo
North American Power 6-Month Fixed 6 month fixed 6.49¢ / kWh  
North American Power 12 Months Fixed 12 month fixed 6.59¢ / kWh  
Direct Energy Live Brighter 12 12 month fixed 6.99¢ / kWh  
North American Power 24 Month Fixed  24 month fixed 6.79¢ / kWh Price Protection
Constellation 36 Month Home Power Plan 36 month fixed 6.39¢ / kWh Set it and Forget it
Trieagle Energy Eagle 36 36 month fixed 6.86¢ / kWh  


Please note: the above rates were published and are accurate as of 5/14/2018 for ZIP code 15108 in the Duquesne Light Co. utility zone. Rates may have changed since this date/time. For the most up-to-date rates in your area, please enter your ZIP code above.

Current Price to Compare PA Rates

Utility Company Rate
Duquesne Light Co. 7.83¢ / kwh
PECO 7.099¢ / kwh
Penelec 5.878¢ / kwh
Penn Power 6.599¢ / kwh
PPL Electric Utilities 7.463¢ / kwh
West Penn Power 6.085¢ / kwh


Learn about electric prices in Pennsylvania before and after deregulation

Pennsylvanians were introduced to energy choice in 1997 by the Electricity Generation Choice and Competition Act, which allowed many energy customers the opportunity to stay with their utility company or switch to an alternative energy supplier. The law was passed to drive down energy prices through competition among suppliers and the utility.

Before 1997, all energy services were provided by the utility with prices regulated by the Public Utility Commission to match the wholesale price of energy – subject to change as often as once a month. Following the law’s passage, however, prices became “deregulated”, meaning alternative suppliers could provide energy supply at different rates than the PUC-approved price of energy.

A recent ChooseEnergy survey found that nearly 80 percent of Pennsylvanians are ignoring the chance to save by exercising energy choice. Don't be one of those people blindly handing over your right to choose Pennsylvania energy providers. Enter your ZIP above to see if your an find a better deal.

Fixed vs. Variable rate: Know your options

While shopping, you may notice there are two main types of plans. What’s the difference between fixed- and variable-rate electricity supply plans?

Variable-rate plans offer prices that change based on the retail price of energy; that’s similar to your utility’s pricing structure. These fluctuations can occur multiple times a year and could mean rate spikes during high energy-use seasons such as summer and winter.
Fixed-rate plans give you the peace of mind that comes with price protection for the length of your agreement. While shopping, you may notice fixed-rate plan prices are higher than those offered by variable-rate plans. This is because when you lock down a fixed-rate, you are taking seasonal fluctuations into account.

Benefits energy providers in Pennsylvania may offer

As far as plan options offered by your local utility go, you are not spoiled for choice. Energy companies in Pennsylvania offer one plan with little to no incentive – other than rebates for owning energy efficient appliances. Energy providers, on the other hand, might offer attractive benefits you didn’t know were available with your supply service.

One popular benefit to shopping with an alternative supplier is the opportunity to choose where your energy comes from by signing up for a green energy plan. This plan allows you to contribute up to 100 percent of your energy supply bill to renewable energy projects.

To find a plan that's right for you, get started now by entering your ZIP code above.

Get familiar with the signup process

Once you’ve chosen the energy supply plan that is right for you, the hard part is over. The enrollment process requires only a few details to get your supply service started: your contact information, address and utility account number. You can find your utility account number on your utility bill on the top left corner under your name. After you’ve completed enrollment, your local utility company will be notified on the change and apply the new supply plan pricing to your next bill – no further action necessary. Get started now; enter your ZIP code above.

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(Last updated 5/14/2018)

I am thrilled to be saving money on my electric bill. With my savings I'll be able to better provide for my five children.

Cheryle, Plum, PA

My previous price was 9.9 cents per KWh, so this should help considerably over the next 12 months. I appreciate the fact that there is no cancellation fee.

Ted, Leola, PA

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