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Supplier Plan Energy Term Length Rate
Constellation Energy 12 month fixed 6.49¢
Constellation Energy 36 month fixed 6.19¢
Constellation Energy 24 month fixed 6.39¢
Direct Energy 12 month fixed 6.69¢
TriEagle Energy 36 month fixed 6.56¢

Erie energy rates

Located 90 miles north of Pittsburgh, Erie, Pennsylvania has a city population of a 101,047. As one of the largest cities in the state and due to its tendency toward very cold winters, Erie's energy needs are quite large.

Residents searching for an electricity provider will find that Erie energy rates vary. Check out Erie energy rates and natural gas plans to see what prices and options are currently available. The different prices depend on the provider and on the energy package chosen.

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Erie energy deregulation

The 1996 Electricity Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act gives Erie consumers a choice in how they receive their electricity. Before this act passed, residents only had one company providing energy. This means that even if a customer didn't like their service or rates, they had no other company they could turn to. Energy deregulation means that several electricity providers compete for customers. Competition creates lower prices and better service for Erie's residents.

Erie utility companies & energy providers

With more energy providers come more choices and more things that consumers should know. Most importantly, consumers should be aware that a utility service, Penelec, will still deliver the energy to your doorstep, regardless of the energy provider. However, independent energy providers compete to sell you the energy that utilities deliver.

When it comes to Erie energy providers, residents have many choices, such as TriEagle, Constellation, and XOOM. The most popular energy packages include fixed rates with prices ranging around eight cents per kilowatt hour.

Erie renewable energy

The strong winds on Lake Erie make it an ideal location for renewable wind power. Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation has taken steps to build turbines offshore to capture this energy source. Pennsylvania is one of the most ambitious states when it comes to producing clean energy, in fact. It has the first wind-powered county and the Pennsylvania's Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard is requiring the state to increase production of solar energy. Renewable energy in Erie is very easy to obtain due to various renewable energy companies, such as AEP Energy.

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