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What's so great about community solar?

Up to 10% savings on your bill

No panels required

Great for renters, or any home without a sunny roof.

What is community solar?

Community solar programs give you the money-saving benefits of solar energy, without the need for any solar panels on your home. With community solar you can lower your electric bills without installing a single solar panel on your property. All with no money down and no maintenance required.

How it works:

  1. Purchase or subscribe to a share of a nearby solar farm 
  2. Receive credits to your bill from the energy produced by your solar share
  3. Sit back and enjoy the savings!

Community solar let's you "go solar" without the hassle!

With community solar, you and your neighbors can get your own share of a solar farm optimally sited miles away from your home. No panels to install or maintain.

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We have answers

Where is community solar available?

Currently, we offer community solar in select areas of Massachusetts and New York. If it's not available in your community, we'll let you know when it is, just enter your zip code above to get started.

What is the difference between community solar, shared solar, and solar gardens?

Nothing! These are all different names for the same concept: a remotely located solar array that is shared across many subscribers in a community.

How does community solar save me money?

Electricity produced from community solar costs less than what your utility is currently charging you. In addition, the price for community solar will not rise over time, allowing you to lock in savings over time.

Who is eligible to participate in community solar?

Currently, community solar is only available in a few states, but more are coming soon!

Do I need to own my home to participate in community solar?

No! Since there are no panels on your home site, community solar is open to renters and homeowners living in practically any type of home.

Is an upfront investment required?

No, there is no upfront investment with community solar, allowing you to start saving right away.

How much does community solar cost?

Each community solar garden has it’s own prices, so it depends. But, no upfront investment is required, and enrolling in community solar means that you’ll pay a lower rate for the electricity you purchase than you’re paying today, and these savings will persist over time.

How much can I expect to save?

In general, you can look forward to the certainty of lower electricity costs. The total amount of savings depends on how large your electric bill is and the costs of the solar garden available in your area. If you expect your utility rates to rise over time, you can also expect your savings to grow as well.

Will I have to install solar on my property?

No. Community solar systems are installed at locations away from your home, such as in a nearby open space or on top of a nearby school or business.

What if I move?

If you have purchased community solar and then decide to move, you can typically take it with you to another location within your current utility’s service territory. If you move out of your load zone, you can transfer or gift your community solar purchase to a friend, family member, neighbor, or homebuyer.

What will my monthly bill look like?

Community solar production is linked to your bill via a billing process called virtual net metering. Virtual net metering credits the your bill with savings proportionate to your share of the solar farm’s total production. Virtual net metering policies differ in each state. But no matter where you live, they enable energy produced in a solar garden, miles away from a your home, to be credited on your bill.

Will I receive a new bill for my community solar?

In most cases, yes. But your bill for community solar will always be less than the value of the credits applied to your utility bill, which is how you save money. If you purchase a community solar share outright, you will have an upfront payment, but will continue to have only one bill from your electric utility.

Who maintains the solar panels?

Your community solar provider takes care of all maintenance on the panels to ensure that they are always producing as much electricity as possible.

What is the lifetime of the system?

The system is guaranteed for 20 years.