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Green Mountain Energy was founded in 1997 with the mission to change the way power, and specifically electricity, is made. They were one of the earliest pioneers in offering cleaner energy from renewable resources to consumers and businesses. Now, more than 15 years later, Green Mountain Energy is the longest serving renewable energy retailer and remains the only retail electricity provider in the nation that is committed to this mission. Cleaner energy is all they do.

Green Mountain Electricity Plans

Green Mountain Energy Initiatives

In line with their commitment to providing clean energy at competitive rates, Green Mountain Energy offers a number of different programs for both homes and businesses that help consumers reduce their carbon footprint and use energy more efficiently. The company offers residential customers the following programs:

  • Pollution Free™ Efficient with Nest: provides consumers a smart meter free of charge that will help them better regulate their energy use.
  • SOLARSPARC™: In addition to getting a competitive solar energy plan, Green Mountain Energy will make monthly contributions per customer to develop future solar projects. As an added bonus, you get an annual solar bonus that grows in proportion to the number of new solar projects funded. The more people who sign up, the more solar projects get developed.
  • Pollution-Free EV: if you drive an electric vehicle, Green Mountain will give you a special rate to power your car and home with 100% wind energy, making your electric car truly emissions free.
  • Carbon offsets: reduce your overall carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offsets from Green Mountain Energy, which have the highest certification standards in the industry.
  • Pollution Free™ Watersaver: Green Mountain Energy goes above and beyond to help you live a greener lifestyle by providing you a water conservation kit when you sign up for this program.

Residential solar: Purchase or lease solar arrays from Green Mountain Energy. These solar installations will not only save your money but you can also get paid for any excess energy your solar panels generate.

Texas residents, small businesses and even large commercial companies in six of the state utilities (listed below) can get their electricity from Green Mountain: AEP Texas CentralAEP Texas NorthCenterPoint EnergyOncor Electric DeliverySharyland UtilitiesTexas-New Mexico Power

Along with Cirro Energy and Reliant Energy, Green Mountain is a subsidiary of NRG Energy, Inc.

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