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Top 5 backyard activities to keep cool in Texas

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Some backyard activities can keep you cool.

Summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy the great outdoors, and even though temperatures have left the triple digits, it can be hard to leave our air-conditioned safe havens. With that said, it’s time to get creative and try out the top 5 backyard activities that’ll help keep you cool.

5 – Make your own water slide. Grab a tarp and a sprinkler (or garden hose) and get prepared to ruin your grass for the rest of the summer. Throw some shampoo on the tarp to make it slippery and enjoy the ride.

4 – Homemade slide not good enough? How about a homemade swimming pool? If you have access to some haybales you can repurpose that tarp and significantly up the stakes on your backyard waterpark.

3 – If you’re not feeling water-ready and just want a cool spot to breathe in some non-air-conditioned air, take some time to clean out the shed and turn it into a shady den. Think pillows, picnic blankets, fairy lights, and possibly a fan.

2 – Race to the frozen finish with a frozen t-shirt race. You already have all the materials needed for this one. Freeze some soaked t-shirts and see who can get theirs on first. The more scrunched the better!

And the No. 1 way to stay cool in the backyard this summer? A twist on a water balloon classic, water balloon piñatas. Instead of a fight, hang the balloons off a tree and get whacking. Stand in the shade, get wet, and pioneer new summer traditions all in one go.

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