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Top 5 #TexasCool Top 5s (in our opinion)

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These are our Top 5 Top 5s.

We started #TexasCool in July for two reasons. First, we think Texas is a pretty cool place, and we wanted to unveil some of the coolest parts to newcomers to the state and remind oldtimers of stuff they may have taken for granted. Second, we wanted to offer advice on how to stay cool in a summer that hit dangerously high temperatures in August. We hope we provided fun and information along the way with our daily Top 5 lists.

For today, the last day of our campaign, we’d like to recap our favorite Top 5s, providing any latecomers to our effort the opportunity to look back at some topics.

5 – Top 5 ice cream shops in Texas. Yes, it made us hungry, too. Custom ice-cream sandwiches, hand-crafted gelato, rolled ice cream and more. That’s why we all scream.

4 – Top 5 kitschy sites in Texas. A space alien gravestone, the world’s largest pecan, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Barbecue. Need we say more?

3 – Top 5 musical artists from Texas. There are so many we had to make living and not-living divisions, and we still left off such artists as Roy Orbison, George Strait, Ernest Tubb, Scott Joplin, Barry White, and Meat Loaf!

2 – Top 5 hottest days ever in Texas. This one helped us feel a little cooler as the heat wave hit in August. At least the mercury never hit 120 degrees.

And the No. 1 #TexasCool Top 5 – for the #TexasCool staff, anyway – is … Top 5 things you didn’t know about Texas. It was the first, and we loved knowing such things as that the frozen margarita was invented in Texas and that the state has a state dinosaur.

That’s a wrap folks! Stay tuned to the Choose Energy website for news, entertainment, and more and keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter (@chooseenergy). Drop us an email to let us know how we’re doing!