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Top 5 blazing hot jobs in Texas

For business

Road work is hot work, especially during summer.

Top 5 Sizzling Hot Jobs in Texas

What’s a hot job? Is it one in which you’re broiling under the summer sun? Or one that everybody wants. For today’s Top 5(s), it’s both. First, the ones that leave you hot and sweaty while you’re doing them.

5 – All that baggage. Baggage handlers at airports have it rough. Lifting and carrying all the non-carry-on bags for every flight. It’s outside, it’s hot, and you’re moving stuff for other people on vacations.

4 – Weld done. You’re literally playing with fire. Plus you’re blanketed by a safety suit and helmet. In Texas, you need a Hot Work Permit to do it.

3 – Down on the farm. Anyone who has ever harvested wheat, corn, or cotton during the summer can tell you how hot that work is.

2 – Road hard. The ubiquitous road work happening every summer in Texas combines asphalt and hot sun and hard work. Thankfully, much highway construction these days happens at night, eliminating the sun as a factor.

And the No. 1 sizzling hot job in Texas this summer. Roofer. Direct sunlight. Black shingles. No shade. Need we say more …

Nurse practitioners are a growing - and lucrative - field in Texas.

Top 5 Hot Jobs in Texas You Want

Then there are the jobs that leave you hot and sweaty while you’re pursuing them.

5 – It won’t be gone with the wind. There’s a big market for wind turbine technicians. Texas tops the nation in electricity produced through wind generation.

4 – Numbers, please. Market research analysts are in high demand in nearly industry. Good news: A bachelor’s degree will do. Bad news: There’s math. Lots of math.

3 – Flush with success. Plumbers. As long as there are pipes, there will be clogs. You won’t need a four-year degree, but you can expect an apprenticeship before earning the big money.

2 – No need to reboot this career. Software developers. Among the top tech businesses in Texas: Big Drop, Fingent, Kohactive and more.

And the No. 1 hot job in Texas you want. With job growth that Career Builder LLC predicts at 25 percent through 2023, in an industry that never gets sick, nurse practitioner. It requires a master’s degree but much less of the hassle that comes with being a doctor. And there’s average salary of $111,000 …