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Top 5 tips to keep pets #TexasCool

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The heat has arrived and with it some extra dangers for furry friends. There’s no reason to be overly concerned about your pets in hot weather—just make sure you’re prepared to keep them comfortable. Just a few household items and some extra attention can get your pet in tip-top heat-busting form.

5 – Forget about the crate. Airflow is always better in larger spaces, so try not to keep your pet stuck in a crate. If you need to crate them, make sure the crate is large enough for them to move around in and stays out of the sun for the entire time they’re in it.

4 – If you have a smaller, caged pet, freeze a water bottle to put in its cage. It’s not to drink; your furry friend can snuggle up to the ice to stay cool when temperatures start to rise. This is especially helpful for rabbits.

3 – Don’t touch those clippers just yet. While single-coated breeds may benefit from a summer cut, leave double-coated fur-dos alone. There’s a reason dogs have all that fur, and in hot weather it helps keep them cool. Cats are usually better left alone too, regardless of how cute they look with Lion King manes and moon boots. Regular brushing should be enough to clear out loose fur.

2 – Who doesn’t love a cold scoop of ice cream on a boiling hot day? Turns out, your dog might too. Get him in on the fun with homemade ice cream and popsicle recipes you both can enjoy.

And the No. 1 way to make sure your pets are cool in Texas this summer. Keep them inside. As much as your dog loves her daily walk, she might prefer laying on a cold tile floor as much as possible on the hottest days. Believe it or not cats can get sunburned, and rabbits are especially prone to heat stroke. Above a certain temperature, indoors is the best place for all parties.

As an additional precaution, know the signs of heat stroke and how to treat it. If things get really bad, call your veterinarian. With just a few simple tips and some precautionary awareness, you and your pet can stay happy and cool all season long.