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Top 5 tips to stay cool this summer

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An old-school way to keep cool is to use a fan.

When the temperature is 97 degrees, as it was in Houston yesterday afternoon, staying cool is a real challenge. But here at #TexasCool, we like challenges.

Here are some ways you can beat the heat:

5 – Pick your spots to be outside. Early mornings or evenings are best for jogging, walking, yardwork, or anything else physical. But if you do want to do something outside, why not try a hike at Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The higher you go, the cooler you’ll get, and you’ll find the four tallest peaks in Texas here.

4 – Be cool with sweating, meaning don’t wipe it off. It actually cools you down. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to help your sweat glands out by misting yourself with water before you go outside.

3 – Back away from the habanero chili. Delicious, yes. But it can heat up more than your mouth! A light green salad will calm you – and your stomach.

2 – Keep the blind(s) spot. Use your blinds, or curtains, to block the sunlight from heating up rooms. Dark, maybe, but you can definitely keep the temperature down.

And the No. 1 way to stay cool in Texas this summer. Have an ice cold Shiner Bock, the beverage that has been keeping Texans #TexasCool for more than a century. What’s cooler than history? (Yes, we know that alcohol technically dehydrates you, but c’mon …)

Bonus tip: Bookmark #TexasCool and come back every day!

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