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Top 5 best Texas tailgate foods

For business

The grill is nearly ready for tailgate foods.

So much to choose from! We left a lot of great tailgate fare off this list, but we had to be picky in selecting the Top 5 best Texas tailgate foods. With all that Texas has to offer we wouldn’t want you to look silly showing up to the game with plain old buffalo chicken dip! (Just kidding, we love buffalo chicken dip and it is a perfectly admirable tailgate food choice. Don’t come for us.)

5 – Queso. It’d be a travesty to dip chips into anything else. After all, we have an entrepreneurial Texas farmer to thank for giving our ancestors easy access to the perfect mixture of tomatoes and green chiles.

4 – Chili. A definite crowd pleaser on a cool fall day, Texas chili has to make the list. It’s easy to make. It feeds a village. And there’s not a hint of beans in sight, obviously.

3 – Brisket. Burgers are an obvious go-to at all tailgates, but in the state where brisket is king, why eat anything else? Okay, so the Lone Star State might not have a monopoly on brisket, but it is a pretty big deal. Bring on the smokers.

2 – German Potato Salad. We had to include one option for our non-meat-eating readers out there. Take a page out of the recipe book left behind by Central Texas’s German immigrants and drown your potatoes in vinegar instead of mayo.

And the No. 1 tailgate food to bring with you this fall is… Walking Tacos. Also known as Frito Pie, this is undoubtedly the best delicacy for tailgaters who like to mingle while they eat. We won’t pick a side on the New Mexico-Texas debate, but we will pick up one of these joy-filled Frito bags.

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