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Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Car Cool

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Hot cars aren't TexasCool.

Even #TexasCool loses steam when it comes getting in your sun-baked car at the end of the day. Or should we say it gains steam? But we can suggest a few things that might take the edge off:

5 –  Keep a blanket handy. Really. You can cover leather or vinyl seats to keep them from getting hot and sticky in the sun.

4 – A crack-erjack idea. Roll the windows down slightly to allow even a tiny airflow. Otherwise, the superheated air will be waiting to blanket you when you sit down. Bonus points if you have a sunroof and can open it slightly.

3 – Baby, it’s hot outside. So wipe down the steering wheel, gearshift, and seatbelt buckles with a moist towelette or baby wipe. The moisture will evaporate rapidly.

2 – Be shady. Park in a garage or, if one isn’t available, in the shade. And just in case, put a sunshade on your front windshield. It goes without saying to remove the shade before you start driving.

And the No. 1 way to keep your car cool in Texas this summer … it’s low-tech, it’s cheap, but it’s oh-so-sweet: Moisten a cotton ball with an essential oil – we suggest peppermint. The delightful scent will help you keep your cool even when the sun is broiling. Just Try It!

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